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When I find the time, I like to come up with new scrapbook designs to try and keep the shop fresh and add variety.  This year, I’m slowly working through the whole shop, adding boxed albums for every category.

Step 1 – the idea

The process usually starts with an idea thats been going around in my head.   I keep a notebook handy and write ideas down as they come to me, so when I find some free time, I refer to the notebook and decide what I need to make.

Step 2 – investigating materials

Once I’ve decided on the theme for the new scrapbook, I’ll gather the materials I already have and look for any others I might need.  I’ve been experimenting with patterned backgrounds and have found that there are a great selection of printable papers on Etsy that are perfect for a small businesses like me to use in creating my finished products (always check the designers terms and conditions first before purchase though as you may need to buy a licence).

Step 3 – printing papers

Once I’ve chosen my paper designs, I’ll print them out ready to use.

20160514_170508_resized 20160514_131831_resized

Step 4 – laying out materials

I then lay these out on my workbench to choose any co-ordinating plain papers and other embellishments I’d like to include in the design.

20160514_125333_resized 20160514_125426_resized

Step 5 – choosing wording and font for labels

The next step is to decide on the size for the text label, and print some sample text.  I’ll amend this as I go, changing fonts and colours to suit the final design.


Step 6 – laying out the design

I then start to layout the ideas I have for the design, adding small details and embellishments and moving them around until I am happy with the look I am creating.


Step 7 – gluing the papers onto the mountboard covers

During this stage, I also spray mount the backing papers onto the mountboard covers (I usually precut these to my most popular sizes to save time when making up orders).


Step 8 – cuting the pages and binding the album

Once the covers are ready, I cut the pages, and the spiral binding, and start to bring the scrapbooks together.

20160514_132327_resized 20160514_132510_resized

Step 9 – happy with the final product?

 Any final tweaks are then made to the design.

Step 10 – final gluing, and adding decoration to boxes

Finally the embellishments are glued to the front and the ribbons are attached to the spiral binding.  I then glue the ribbons to the boxes, and add a co-ordinating gift tag and I’m ready to photograph and list them for sale (allowing time for the glue to dry of course!).

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