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When my friend offered me the chance to accompany her on a business trip to Wroclaw, Poland, I was immediately excited.  I’d never been to Poland before.  Then apprehension set in.  Should I go?  She’d be working all day and I’d need to amuse myself for most of the week.

wroclaw square

Well, I’m writing this from our Wroclaw hotel room and its been a great week.  I’ve spent every morning in the hotel room catching up with some video tutorials, and working on my new website – important things I struggle to find the time to do at home.

wroclaw bread bowl
Its been during the afternoons that I’ve really left my comfort zone though.  It felt a little odd sightseeing on my own, but I was at my most nervous when I joined my first walking tour.  The friendly guide soon put me at ease, and by the 2nd tour I was much more confident and spent a lovely afternoon with a couple from lancashire – the only other english people on that tour.

cathedral view

Wroclaw is a beautiful city with an interesting history and I’ll certainly return if I get the chance.  During my 5 day visit, I spent four afternoons exploring, climed three towers (one with 300 mainly spiral steps), ate two portions of goulash in a bread bowl, and had one slightly worrying experience at Stansted Airport Security (a story for another day!).

wroclaw square 2

I missed my husband and son, but have enjoyed both the experience and spending time with my friend, and I would highly recommend seizing every opportunity that life offers you.


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