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I’m lucky enough to have a room in my house dedicated as a craft workspace.  Its also a bedroom and can easily be reconfigured for someone to sleep in, but it spends most of its time set out ready for work.  Its a long room and is lit at one end by a lovely large window which covers most of the wall.

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I have an area in one corner for my PC, my printers, and my paperwork.  I like to keep the desk area fairly tidy, and always have my diary and notebook to hand.

My main workbench is on the opposite wall, and was built by my dad, along with the storage bench for my mount cutter and the desktop surface.  The main bench which houses my craft paper trays, cutting mat and frequently used tools can be folded away when the room needs to be slept in.  This is where I bind the scrapbooks and glue the embellishments (under my battered angle-poise lamp!).

The largest bench houses my mount cutter – in daily use for cutting scrapbook covers and pages to size, and also for cutting the beveled windows in mounts.  The storage underneath is perfect for whole sheets of mountboard and also has space for storing card and boxes.

The rest of the craft room is taken up with shelves and an area of work space where I cut my embellishments using my Sizzix machine, and  I lay out my scrapbooks to dry, and wrap them for posting.

The craft room is well organised if a little messy and works well for me, but this summer we are having our loft converted which will involve knocking down an upstairs wall to fit in the stairs and I worry that too many areas of the room will be prone to gathering brick dust!

So, the plan is to re-organise the shelves and storage, tidy everything away that might get destroyed by the dust, and generally give the craft room a bit of a makeover.  I’ll be re-posting updates of the re-organisation as I find time to complete it.

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